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Welcome to our gaming section! We've got plenty of games here on Student.com, and there are dozens of ways for you to win prizes and SCN points.

The Casino
Test your luck at the SCN Casino! Play our many casino games to win SCN Chips, which you can use to win SCN points! We've already given away 2 points just today! Choose from Video Poker, Multiplayer Roulette, Bingo, and much more!
Click here to enter the casino

If you're looking for something more classic, check out Student.com arcade for some classic gaming. Play Alu's Revenge, Spider Solitaire, Darts, and much much more!
Click here to enter the arcade

Pets of War
These pets are cute, but they're dangerous! See if you have what it takes to take your pet to glory! Create up to 3 different pets, and battle them against others to make your pet stronger. Purchase weapons, armor, and watch your pet's level rise with each victory!
Click here to play Pets of War

Oh no! Evil giant mutant green pulsating bacteria from space are invading the Student Center! What to do? Why, capture and sell them, of course! You are the SCN's brave mascot Smiley on a crusade to SELL the Evil Gloop Menace!
Click here to play Gloop

Rise to Power
Rise to Power is the Ultimate Online strategy game. Try to take over the world with your armies and crush your enemies in an epic battle for world conquest!
Click here to play Rise to Power

In Stalker, you have to be the ultimate sleuth and track down other SCN members all over the site. Battle them when you find them to become, and see how high you can get your level!
Click here to play Stalker

Start Your Engines
Build a race car from scratch, and race it against other SCN members!
Click here to play Start Your Engines

Student.com presents its first arcade game! In bomber, you have to help Smiley, the SCN mascot, get through mazes and dungeons filled with bombs and other dangers. Get him through 30 levels of peril!
Click here to play bomber

Guess the Celebrity
In this game, you pretend to be a celebrity and answer yes or no questions about "yourself". Our super-intelligent bot will guess who you are everytime! Try to stump us!
Click here to play Guess the Celebrity

Cock Fighting
Well, we're a little embarassed to even have this game, but it's still an SCN Classic. Play cockfighting and get a score too.
Click here to play Cock Fighting

Game Reviews
Review your favorite video games, computer games, and even SCN games in our gaming reviews section! It's brand new, and you can help make it popular by reviewing your favorite (or least favorite) games!
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Game Advice
Having trouble beating a game? Need some pointers? Or are you just looking for your next game and can't decide what to get? Either way, check out our Game Advice section, and have all of your gaming questions answered!
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